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A post-poll survey was conducted in Jharkhand by the Lokniti programme of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) from December 2 through December 22, 2019 among 2,700 voters in 108 locations (polling stations) spread across 27 Assembly Constituencies of the State. The sampling design adopted was multi-stage random sampling. The Assembly Constituencies were randomly selected using the probability proportional to size method. Thereafter, four polling stations within each of the sampled constituencies were selected using the systematic random sampling method. Within each polling station, 35 voters were randomly sampled from the electoral roll using the systematic random sampling method. Of these 35, 25 interviews were targeted. Except in Phase 5, in all other phases of voting, the interviews of voters were conducted a day or two after they had voted. The interviews were conducted face-to-face at the homes of the respondents. The survey was coordinated and supervised in Jharkhand by Harishwar Dayal (Associate Professor, Department of Economics, St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi) and Amit Kumar (Institute for Human Development, Ranchi). It was directed by Prof. Sanjay Kumar of CSDS. Delhi. Analysis of the outcome based on the post-poll survey data was published in The Indian Express and in the Prabhat Khabar. 

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