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Recent publications by Lokniti Network-

Sanjay Kumar 

  • (With Neel Madhav)“In Bihar, a balancing act: on poll alliances”, The Hindu, August 18th 2020 – Read here
  • “Pollsat 73: More women voters, ‘criminal’ leaders”, The Asian Age, August 18th 2020 – Read here
  • “To understand UP’s U-turn from Bahujans to Brahmins, last 3 elections are key”, The Print, August 17th 2020 – Read here
  • Edited "Indian Politics & Policy Journal Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2020" - Read here
  • "Introduction: What Does Verdict 2019 Tell Us? How Do We Read This Mandate?" Indian Politics & Policy Journal Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2020 - Read here
  • “Reviving Congress will be a very difficult task”, The Asian Age, July 31st 2020.. Read more
  • (With Neel Madhav) “Curbing entry of criminals in Indian Politics: Can the recent judgment of Supreme Court help?” ETV Bharat, July 27th, 2020.
  • (With Chandrachur Singh) “No Cure yet for Covid or Congress crisis. Rahul Gandhi continuously fails to win”, The Print, July 23rd, 2020.-Read more
  • “Ally shopping, guest workers hold key to Bihar contest”, The Asian Age, July 2nd, 2020.-Read more
  • “Sushant Singh Rajput ki Maut ke Baad Jo Chizen Badal Sakti hain”, BBC Hindi, 25th June 2020.- Read here  
  • ‘Lockdown reinforces gender roles, abuse grows’, The Asian Age, 3rd June 2020 (with Manjesh Rana). - Read here   

Suhas Palshikar

  • Redesign or Drift, Edit Page, Indian Express, 20th July 2020. -Read more
  • “Congress madhil sundopasundi ki andadhundi?” Sunday Supplement, Maharashtra Times, 19th July 2020. -Read more
  •  “Rajakaaranachya Bhasha mhanje kay?” (What do languages of politics mean? Marathi), Kartavya web portal, 16th July 2020.– Read more
  • Paryayanche Rajakaran mhanje kay? (Marathi, What is Alternative Politics?), Kartavya Web portal, 18th June 2020. - Read here   
  • Where's Our George Floyd? Edit Page, Indian Express, 11th June 2020. - Read here   
  • Lokshahi lockdown, Maha Anubhav (Lockdown Special Issue, June 2020), Marathi, pp. 24-29. - Read here  

Ashutosh Kumar

  • "In an honour of a constitutional activist ', The Book Review, July 2020. -Read more

Sandeep Shastri

  • “The Congress Party: The Crisis Within Requires Deep Introspection”, One India, 28th July 2020. -Read more
  • “The Congress: It’s Internal Crisis” (In Kannada) Prajavani, 28th July 2020. -Read more
  • “The Rajasthan Crisis”, One India, 23rd July 2020. -Read more
  • “Understanding the Chinese Strategy and Strategizing an effective Indian response”, One India, 1st July 2020. -Read more
  • “Galvan Valley: China's Plan and Strategy behind the Conflict” (In Kannada)   17th June 2020 Read here  

Hilal Ahmed

  • "Does Muslim Vote Matter? Presence, Representation, Participation" Indian Politics & Policy Journal Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2020 - Read here
  • Wrote the chapter “Gandhi's Imaginations of Muslims” in the book “Gandhi in Contemporary Times”, edited by S K Srivastava and Ashok Vohra, Routledge: London and New York 2020 pp. 55-71
  • Wrote a policy paper “Making Sense of India's Citizenship Amendment Act 2019: Process, Politics, Protest. Asie Visions” No. 114. ifri, June 2020  - Read here  
  • A legal breakdown of the BJP’s four controversial arguments in defence of CAA The Print 25th June 2020 - Read here  
  • What Gandhi thought of Muslims and why that makes him our contemporary The Print 17th June 2020 - Read here   

Lakhan Choudhary

  • ‘Online Padhai-Parikshayen, Do-Tihai Vanchit Vidyarthi Chintit’, Deshtv July 25th, 2020. -Read more
  • ‘Korona Gharbandi Bachchon ko Gadget Addict, Ziddi Aur Beparvah Bana Raha’, Deshtv, July 18th, 2020. -Read more
  • ‘World Population Day: Kya Korona Sankat Prakriti ka Santulankari Upay Hai?’, Deshtv, July 11th, 2020. -Read more
  • ‘Work & Learn From Home Se Nijta Bhang Hone ka Khatara Badha’, Deshtv, July 5th, 2020. -Read more
  • ‘Covid-19: Kitni Badlegi Zindgi aur Duniya’ ‘Divya Chhattisgarh’ Monthly Magazine, Raipur, July 2020. -Read more
  • ‘Duniya me Korona ke is sankraman kal me Koronil aur Baba Ramdeo’ 27th June, 2020 - Read here  
  • ‘Udyamita vikas avm vikendriykaran ke bina kaisi atmnirbharta?’ 20th - 22nd June, 2020 - Read here  
  • ‘Ajadi ke 73 sal -Trial & Error padhyati desh ke lie khatarnak’ 13th June, 2020 - Read here  
  • ‘Kovid-19 avm arthvyavastha: sankat avm chunautiyan’ 6th June, 2020 - Read here  

Rajeshwari Deshpande

  • “Rajkaaran Aalam Chuleet” (Marathi- Politics enters the household), Loksatta OP-ED, 9th July 2020. -Read more
  • “Ek Mat Samaan Pat?” (Marathi - One vote, Equal Status?) Loksatta, Op Ed, 11th June 2020 - Read here  

Biswajit Mohanty

  • Citizenship, Nationalism and Refugeehood of Rohingyas in Southern Asia, Editors: Chowdhory, Nasreen, Mohanty, Biswajit (Eds.), Singapore, Springer. - Click here to buy
  • Biswajit Mohanty published a book titled “Citizenship, Nationalism and Refugeehood of Rohingya in Southern Asia, Singapore”, with Springer Publications co-authored with Nasreen Chowdhory.  Read here  

Manjesh Rana

  • ‘Lockdown reinforces gender roles, abuse grows’, The Asian Age, 3rd June 2020 (with Sanjay Kumar). - Read here   
Vibha Attri
  • (With Jyoti Mishra) "The Youth Vote in Lok Sabha Elections 2019" Indian Politics & Policy Journal Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2020 - Read here
Jyoti Mishra
  • (With Vibha Attri) "The Youth Vote in Lok Sabha Elections 2019" Indian Politics & Policy Journal Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 2020 - Read here

Neel Madhav

  • (With Sanjay Kumar)“In Bihar, a balancing act: on poll alliances”, The Hindu, August 18th 2020 – Read here


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