Dhananjay Kumar Singh

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Centre for the Study of Developing Societies 29, Rajpur Road, Delhi

Dhananjay Kumar Singh has joined Lokniti –Programme for Comparative Democracy as Administrative and Accounts Officer. Before joining Lokniti he was working with several other organisations like the Lokayan, Institute for Democracy and Sustainability, Socialist Front, National Alliance for People’s Movement etc.

He has conducted several types of research in the field of Transportation in the national Capital. In order to disseminate these Research findings among the common people, Dhananjay had taken part in various Movement for Equal Road Rights in different parts of the country.

Based on the findings of these Study few books have also been written. Dhananjay Singh has been a part of the Research team for Garib Hein Gulam Nahin Edited by Rajendra Ravi, Published by Lokayan, 2004, Rickshaw Ek Mahagatha Edited by Rajendra Ravi, Published by Lokayan, 2006, and Dossier: Cycle Rickshaw (Six series) 2003-2006.

He was also in the Research Team of the award-winning documentary film Two Pedle Soldiers of India

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