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UGC - Emeritus Fellow , Former Dean of Social Sciences Former Professor and Head Department of Political Science, University of Kerala, Kariavattom P.O, Trivandrum – Kerala

Dr. G. Gopa Kumar is currently UGC - Emeritus Fellow, Former Dean of Social Sciences and former Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science, University of Kerala with more than thirty-seven years of teaching experience in Political Science at the University level. He was also the Vice Chairman, Academic Committee, Credit and Semester System, University of Kerala and Director, Nehru Study Centre, Director, V.K. Krishna Menon Study Centre for International Relations, Department of Political Science, University of Kerala. He also served as the Director General of the Institute of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Kerala. He received numerous international and national awards and fellowships like Fulbright Nehru Award (1998&2002), Shastri Indo-Canadian(2000&2006), UGC- Indo –French Fellowship(1990),Australian Studies Senior Fellow (2009) , Visiting Research Fellow, University of New South Wales, Australia (2010),UGC-Research Scientist (1988-1989),International Visiting Fellow in US (1996),Visiting Faculty ,University of Calgary, Canada (2001) and Claremont Graduate University (2003)etc.

Areas of Specialization

Comparative Politics, International Relations and State Politics in India

Articles in journals


  • Towards sub-Regionalism and Political Uncertainty: Emerging trends in Coalition Politics of Kerala, Journal of Social Science Discourse, Vol.1, Oct.2013 
  • Coalition Politics in Kerala: Ideology vs. Pragmatism, South Asian Politics Vol.II, Nov 2008 
  • Case for Coalition Politics in Multicultural Societies :The Experience of Kerala, STARS Indian Journal of Politics, Vol.1,Jan-June 2007 
  • Significance of Psephological Studies, STARS Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol.1, No.1, June, 2006 
  • Ethnicity, Democracy and Challenges in Nation Building in South Asia: Experiences of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, The Atlantic Journal of World Affairs, Vol. 2, No.1, Jan-March 2006 
  • Changing Paradigms of National Security in India: Traditional and non-Traditional Issues, Human Rights Focus ,Vol.3, March 2006
Articles in Edited Volumes


  • “Exploitation of Non timber Forests Products and Plight of Tribes in Kerala Forests in Kerala” in John Merson, Rosie Cooney, Paul Brown (Eds.) Conservation in a Crowded World: Case studies from the Asia- Pacific. UNSW Press, Sydney, 2012 
  • “The LDF’s Debacle: Kerala Votes for National Stability” in Paul Wallace and Ramashray Roy, (Eds.) India’s 2009 Elections: Coalition Politics, Party Competition and Congress Continuity. Sage Publications, 2011 
  • “Shaping Multilateralism in Canadian Foreign Policy: Implications for India”, in A.S.Narang (Ed.) State, Society and Economy in the Twenty-first Century Canada India Perspectives, Manohar Publishers, New Delhi, 2009 
  • “Kerala : Verdict Against Non - Performance, Congress Factionalism and a Prelude to UDF Debacle in Assembly Poll, 2006” in Sandeep Shasthri et al (Eds.) Electoral Politics in Indian States, Oxford University Publishers, New Delhi,2009 
  • “Socio-Economic Background of Legislators in Kerala” in Christopher Jaffrelot (Ed.) Rise of Plebians, Rout ledge, New Delhi, 2008 
Authored Books
  • Civil Society- Politics Interface: The Kerala Experience, Manak Publishers, New Delhi,2013 
  • Globalization and the Plight of the Marginalized Sections in Kerala: The Case of Chengara Land Struggle, Department of Political Science, University of Kerala, 2010 
  • Gulf Return Migration and Dilemmas of Rehabilitation, Icon Publishers, New Delhi, 2008 
  • Regional Political Parties and State Politics, Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi, 1986 
  • The Congress Party and State Politics, Deep and Deep Publications, New Delhi, 1984 
Edited Books
  • Foreign Policy, Federalism and International Treaties (ed.), New Century Publications, New Delhi, 2011. 
  • Towards an Inclusive India: Role of Parliament in Social Change (ed.), Manak Publishers, New Delhi,2011  
  • Nehru and Modern India: Anatomy of Nation Building (ed.), New Century Publications, New Delhi, 2010 
  • Future of Parliamentary Democracy in India (ed.), Icon Publishers, New Delhi, 2007 
  • Iraq War and New World Order (ed.), Icon Publishers, New Delhi,2005

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