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UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of Kashmir Studies University of Kashmir Srinagar, Kashmir

Gull Mohd Wani is a director of UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of Kashmir Studies, University of Kashmir. He is the State coordinator for Kashmir for Lokniti programme for Comparative Democracy CSDS. He has recently published a book entitled Kashmir: Identity, Autonomy and Self-Rule. Earlier he wrote a book ‘Kashmir Politics’ which was published in 1993. He has contributed chapters for several edited volumes, published research articles in national and international journals and also writes regularly for local news papers.

Prof. Wani is a part of several peace initiatives and has participated in many track II meetings between India and Pakistan. He has visited several countries and delivered lectures on issues of peace and resolution. He was invited by Jinnah Institute Islamabad, International Pugwash, Queen’s University, belfast, to speak on issues of peace and conflict in South Asia. As CSDS state coordinator, he has coordinated 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2009 election surveys in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. He is member of several national and international academic bodies. He is also a visiting professor at Centre for Multi-Federal Institute of Social Sciences New Delhi, Islamic University Science and Technology, Kashmir, and member of Syndicate University of Kashmir.

Selected Publications:

Articles in Journals:

  • (2009); “Revisiting General Musharaf’s Ideas on Jammu and Kashmir, the Epilogue, No. 3, Issue 5, pp-26-28.
  • (2002); “Case for Restoration of Autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir”, Mainstream, Vol., XL, No. 38, Sep. 7; New Delhi.
  • (2002); “Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Elections 2002”, The Journal of Central Asian Studies, University of Kashmir Vol., XII, No.1. 
  • (2001); “Democracy and Development in India”, New Hope, Vol., 2, No. 3, April-May.
  • (2000); “Parliamentary Democracy in India: Issues and Trends”, New Hope, Vol., 1, No. 5, Sep-Oct. 2000.
  • (1997); “Kashmir Autonomy: A Politico-Historical Analysis” in Journal of Peace Studies, Vol. 4, Issue 21, March-April, New Delhi.

Chapters in Edited Books:

  • (2012); “Political Assertion of Kashmiri Identity”, in Nyla Ali Khan, (ed.) The Parchment of Kashmir: History, Society, and Polity, New York, Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • (2012); “Kashmiri Identity and Indian Democracy”, in Partha Pratim Basu, Debi Chatterjee, Parusottam Bhattacharya & Shibashis Chatterjee (eds) Democracy and Democratization in 21st Century—The South Asian Experience, Delhi: Har-Anand Publications.
  • (2010); “Labyrinth of Kashmiri Identity” in Rekha Chowdhary (ed.) Identity Politics in Jammu and Kashmir, Vitasta, New Delhi.
  • (2008); “Evolution of Electoral Process in Jammu and Kashmir: Role of Election Commission of India”, in Dipankar Bannerjee and Mallika Joseph(eds.) Consolidating Peace in Jammu and Kashmir, Samskriti Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. 
  • (2007); “Needed a Kashmir Policy”, in Rekha Chowdhary (ed.) Conflict and Politics of Jammu and Kashmir: Internal Dynamics, University of Jammu.
  • (2002); “Kashmir Autonomy: National Conference Perspective”, in Sri Prakash and Gulam Mohd. Shah(ed.), Towards Understanding the Kashmir Crisis, Gyan Publishers, New Delhi.
  • “The Dimensions of Kashmiri Identity”, in Fida Mohammad Hasnain,(ed.) Kashmiriyat Through the Ages, Gulshan Books, Srinagar, 2011.

Authored Books:

  • Kashmir: Identity, Autonomy and Self-Rule, Apple Books, Srinagar, 2009, 2011.
  • Kashmir from Autonomy to Azadi, Valley Book House, Srinagar, 1996.
  • Kashmir: Need for Sub-Continental Political Initiative, Ashish, New Delhi, 1995.
  • Kashmir Politics: Problems and Prospects, Ashish, New Delhi, 1993. 
  • Reflections on Kashmir Politics, Ashish, New Delhi, 1993.

News Paper Articles:

Near about 30 Articles written for different News Papers on issues related to Identities, Pluralism, Peace Process in South Asia and Conflict Resolution.

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