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Hilal Ahmed

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CSDS, 29 Rajpur Road,Civil Lines, New Delhi

Hilal Ahmed is Associate Fellow, CSDS. He works on political Islam Muslim Modernities / representation, and politics of symbols in South Asia. Ahmed has done his PhD on Politics of Monument and Memory in North India: A Study of Muslim Political Discourse on Jama Masjid and Babri Masjid (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2007).

Ahmed is currently working on Politics of Muslim Political Representation, which looks at the issues and debates on Muslim political representation in postcolonial India. This project is a part of Lokniti Program’s project on Democracy and New Publics. He has recently finished a project Mosques as Monuments: Memory, Islam and National Identity in Bangladesh (funded by the Asian Scholarship Foundation).

Ahmed has designed and conducted two courses History, Memory and Identity (2010) andResearch Methods and Identities: Issues and Debates in Postcolonial India (2012) for the CSDS teaching program. Ahmed has also taught Political Science at the University of Delhi.

Ahmed’s book Monuments, Memory and Contestation: Muslim Political Discourse in Postcolonial India,is under publication (Routledge) He is also editing Kaviraj Reader (in Hindi), for the Lokchitak Granthmala series of CSDS.

Ahmed has published essays, articles and commentaries in national and international journals, newspapers and websites. He writes in Hindi and English. Ahmed has produced a short documentary Encountering the Political Jama Masjid (18m, Colour, 2006).

Ahmed was awarded the Ford Foundation IFP Fellowship (2002-05), the Asia Fellow Award (2008-09/2010-11), the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies Fellowship (2008-09), the Association for Third Sector Research- Charities Aid Foundation Fellowship (2001-2002), and the UGC Junior/Senior Research Fellowship (1997-2001).

Ahmed is a Visiting Fellow at New Zelanad-India Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington (2013-14). He was also the Visiting Asia Fellow at Dhaka University in 2011.

A film Beacons of Hope ((Moving Images, /the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Production, 2008, colour 25Min. English) has documented the achievements of Ahmed.

Recent Publications

Articles in journals:

  • Muzzaffarnagar 2013: Meanings of Violence, Economic and Political Weekly, XLVIII, No 40, 5 October 2013
  • Debating Monumental Matters: A Political Reading. The Book Review, Vol. XXXVII No.10October 2013.
  • Asghar Ali Engineer: Emancipatory Intellectual Politics. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLVII NO. 22. 1June 2013.
  • Afterlife of a 'Monument': The TajMahal,(online publication on Sahapedia.com) http://sahapedia.org/afterlife-of-a-monument-the-taj-mahal/ 
  • Mosque as Monuments: Afterlives of Jama Masjid and the political memories of a royal Muslim past. South Asian Studies, 29:1, April 2013 51-59
  • Fictions of Intellectual Politics: Manto, Social Scientist, Vol. 472-473, December 2012. 
  • A past without history: In conversation with AshisNandy. (With VijaisriPriyadarshini )Seminar, 639, November 2012. 
  • The Centre and Indian Realities: Interview with Rajni Kothari. (With VijaisriPriyadarshini, and Dubey, Abhay Kumar) Seminar, 639, November 2012. 

Articles in Edited Volumes

  • Making Sense of Social Justice: Professional Commitment and Intellectual Politics. Opening Doors- Ten Years of IFP Program. Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program Publication. Pp.154-156.

Authored Books

  • Monuments, Memory and Contestation: Muslim Political Discourse in Postcolonial India. Routledge (Forthcoming). 

Edited Books

  • Kaviraj Reader (Edited), LokchitakGranthmala, (Forthcoming) 

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