R.K. Satapathy

Phone Number : (91) 361-2723023 (O)

Mobile :09436161601


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Department of Political Science North-Eastern Hill University Shillong -793022 Meghalaya

Dr. R.K.satapathy is a Reader at the Department of Political Science, North-Eastern Hill University. He has a teaching experience of 29 years. He has been associated with CSDS since 1998 and was the state coordinator for Mizoram.

Area of Interest: Political Theory, International Politics and Electoral Politics.


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  • Dissecting People’s Mandate in Mizoram jointly with Yogendra Yadav & Sanjay Kumar in “The Hindu” on Dec. 12, 2003.
  • Priorities and Problems in Political Science in “Research Priorities in North-East India with Special Reference to Mizoram” ed. L.S.Gassah, 2001.
  • End to Congress (I) Rule in Mizoram with CSDS team in “The Hindu” on 1998.
  • Relocating the Concept of Nation State in a Globalised World Abstract published in Social Science Abstracts, Vol. XXX, 2006.
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  • U.S. Policy and Sandinista Rule in Nicaragua (the book under print) by Mittal Publications.

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