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Suhas Palshikar

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B-703, Rohan Garima, Off S.B. Rd., Pune

Professor Suhas Palshikar is the Chief Editor of Lokniti’s journal, Studies in Indian Politics (Sage) since its inception in 2013.  He was Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, till 2016. He was also a Chief Advisor, Political Science, for NCERT (2005-2012). He, along with Rajeshwari Deshpande is Series Editor for Sage Series on State Politics since the 1990s.

Suhas Palshikar has been a visiting scholar at South Asia Centre of University of Chicago (May 2008) and Brown India Initiative at Brown University, Providence (April-May 2013). He was President of Maharashtra Political Science Association Conference, Dhule (February, 2007). He was member of Editorial Board, Samaj Prabodhan Patrika (1990-2004). Currently, he is Fellow of Indian School of Political Economy (2006-) and member, Board of Governors of Centre for Social Studies, Surat (2014-). He is also associated with advocacy organization, Maharashtra Social Housing and Action League (MASHAL) (2016- ) and trustee, Sadhana trust, Pune (2017).

One of the members of Lokniti since its founding in 1995-96, he is currently co-director of Lokniti programme. He has been particularly actively engaged in planning and implantation of key Lokniti projects such as National Election Study (since 1996), State of Democracy in South Asia (2004-06, 2011-14 and 2019- ) and Politics and Society Between Elections, a joint project with Azim Premji University (since 2016). He is also part of the India team of the international research programme, Cultural Heritage and Identities of Europe’s Futures (CHIEF), funded by EU (2018-2021)

Professor Palshikar has written extensively in both English and Marathi in academic publications and public print media. He is a regular contributor to Indian Express and also wrote a column for Economic and Political Weekly. on State Politics since the 1990s.

Research Projects:         

  • Changing Social Bases of Political Parties in India: Case of Maharashtra, 2014-15; CSSH-UPE Project, Savitribai Phule Pune University.
  • An overview report on Politics in Maharashtra, 2012-13; commissioned by Planning Department, Govt. of Maharashtra, for the Committee on Balanced Regional Development.
  • Electoral Democracy and structures of Domination: A Study of Assembly Elections in Maharashtra-2009, 2009-11; UGC for the Major research Project, Report submitted November 2011.
  • Comparative Study of State politics in India, 2009-11; University of Pune for the BCUD Project; report submitted (November 2011).
  • Review of Election Studies (1977-2010), 2010-11; ICSSR Project on Review of Research in Political Science, Report submitted-July2011.
  • Caste and Social Mobility: A case study of Pune city, 2006-08; CSSH, University of Pune, Co-Investigator: Dr Rajeshwari Deshpande.
  • Coalition Politics in Maharashtra, 2004-06; UPIASI, Delhi; Co-Investigator: Nitin Birmal.
  • Pune: From City to Metropolis, 1999-2002; Special Assistance Programme, 2nd Phase, Co-Investigators: Rajeshwari Deshpande and Nitin Birmal.
  • Politics of Marginalized Groups: A Study of Aurangabad and Ahmednagar districts; 1997-2000; Major Research Project of UGC; Report submitted to UGC—December 2000.
  • A study of Assembly Elections, 1995 – Maharashtra; 1995-96; DSA 1st Phase and ICSSR, Co-Investigator: Rajendra Vora. Marathi book published.
  • Comparison of Voting Behaviour in Vidarbha and Western Maharashtra, 1995; Unassigned Grant, University of Pune.
  • Caste and Politics at District level in Maharashtra, 1995-96; Special Assistance Programme. DSA 1st Phase Co-Investigator: Rajendra Vora
  • Sixth Lok Sabha Elections in Maharashtra (1980-81); Associate Director, ICSSR project; Chief Investigator: Rajendra Vora. Monograph submitted to ICSSR; 1982    


Academic Journals


  • Towards Hegemony: BJP Beyond Electoral Dominance, Economic & Political Weekly, 53-33, 18 Aug. 2018, 36-42; also published in Angana P. Chatterjee, Thomas Blom Hansen and Christophe Jaffrelot (eds.), 2019, Majoritarian State, London, Hurst, 101-117.
  • Designing to Distort: Simultaneous Elections, Economic & Political Weekly, (Of Power & Politics), 17March 2018, 53:11, 10-11.
  • Letter from Rahul Gandhi: Party President in Search of a party, Economic & Political Weekly, (Of Power & Politics), 10 February 2018, 53:6, 13-14.
  • Congress’ Gujarat Model, Economic & Political Weekly (Of Power & Politics), 53:2; 13 Jan. 2018, 10-11.
  • An Attack on India’s Democracy, Economic & Political Weekly (Of Power & Politics), 52:49, 9 December, 2017, 10-11.
  • Third Life of the Shiv Sena: Notorious Becomes ‘Normal’, Economic & Political Weekly, 52:48, 2 December 2017; 33-36.
  • Discontent and Disconnect: Wages of Dominance?, Economic & Political Weekly (Of Power & Politics), 52:45, 11 Nov. 2017, 12-13.
  • Is Small Beautiful?, Economic & Political Weekly (Of Power & Politics), 52:41, 14 October, 2017; 12-13.
  • BJP Bhagao: How and Why?, Economic & Political Weekly (Of Power & Politics), 52: 37; 16 Sept. 2017, 13-14.
  • Modi’s Chale Jao vs Non-Politics of the Opposition, Economic & Political Weekly, (Of Power & Politics), 52/32, 12 August, 2017; 11-12.
  • Remembering Emergency, Column in Economic & Political Weekly (Of Power & Politics), 52/23, 10June, 2017; 10-11.
  • Nitish’s Dilemma: Power or Politics? Column in Economic & Political Weekly (Of Power & Politics), 52/28, 15 July 2017; 12-13.
  • What Makes BJP Really Different? Column in Economic & Political Weekly, (Of Power & Politics), 52/19, 13 May, 2017; 12-13.
  • Party with a Difference? Column in Economic & Political Weekly, 52/15, 15 April, 2017, 11-12.
  • India’s Second Dominant Party system, Commentary, Economic & Political Weekly, 18 March, 2017; 52/12; 12-15.
  • Diluting Political Equality, Seminar, Annual Issue, 689, January, 2017, pp. 66-70.
  • Who Is Delhi’s Common Man?, New Left Review, 2016, No. 98 (March-April), 113-128.
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REPORTS and Occasional papers


  • Changing Social Bases of Political Parties in India: Case of Maharashtra, (with Rajeshwari Deshpande), Report of the project supported by CSSH, SPPU, 2015
  • Reimagining Maharashtra: Towards Creative Politics, Draft submitted to the Committee on Regional Imbalances, Planning Dept., GoM, Feb 2013
  • Electoral Democracy and structures of Domination: A Study of Assembly Elections in Maharashtra-2009, Report submitted (Nov. 2011) to the UGC for the Major research project.
  • Comparative study of State politics in India, report submitted (November 2011) to BCUD, University of Pune for the BCUD Project.
  • Review of Election Studies (1977-2010), Report submitted to ICSSR; July2011.
  • Coalitions in Maharashtra: Political fragmentation or Social reconfiguration? (with Nitin Birmal and Vivek Ghotale), 2010, CAS Occasional Paper Series No. 4, Pune, Dept. of Politics & Public Administration, University of Pune.
  • Intergenerational Occupational Mobility among caste groups, 2008, with Rajeshwari Deshpande, Occasional Paper published under the CSSH, University of Pune, Pune.
  • Mandal nantarchya kalkhandatil Jat ani Rajkaran, 2007, Presidential Speech, 24th Maharashtra State Political Science Conference, Dhule February.
  • Indian State: Constitution and Beyond, 2005, Occasional Paper series III, No. 3, Pune, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Pune,
  • Politics of Marginalized Groups, (Monograph), 2000, Report submitted to the UGC (Major Research Project).
  • Shiv Sena: An Assessment, 1999, Occasional Paper Series II, No. 3, (SAP), Pune, Dept. of Politics and Public Admn. University of Pune.
  • Maharashtra: Electoral Competition and Structures of Domination, 1999, Occasional Paper Series II (SAP), No. 1, Pune, Dept. of Politics and Public Admn. University of Pune.
  • Search For Community: From Liberalism to Dhamma, 1994, Occasional Paper No. 2, (SAP), Pune, Dept. of Politics and Public Admin., University of Pune.
  • Sixth Lok Sabha Elections - Maharashtra, 1982, (Monograph), Co-author, Report submitted to the ICSSR.




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  • Course book on Ambedkar for IGNOU, Delhi.
  • Five course books on Indian Politics for YCMOU, Nasik.
  • Contributed to six course books prepared by Distance Education Centre, University of Pune.
  • Marathi Text book on American Government for undergraduates.
  • Co-author for std. VII Civics textbook for The Text Book Bureau of Maharashtra Government.



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