Sukhendu Debbarma

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Department of History Tripura University Suryamaninagar- Tripura

Dr.Sukhendu Debbarma is an Associate Professor in the Department of History, Tripura University. He joined the Department in 1995 and since then has been actively engaged in teaching and research. Association with CSDS began in 1996 and now is the State Coordinator for Tripura.

Areas of interest:

  • History of Modern India with focus on North East India.
  • History of Africa
  • History of USA
  • Indigenous peoples issues
Authored Book:
Origin and Growth of Christianity in Tripura, Indus Publishing Company, New Delhi, 1996.
Papers published in edited volumes:
  • Christianity in Tripura before the coming of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society in Impact of Christianity on North East India, J. Puthenpurakal (Ed), Shillong, 1996, pp. 329-333.
  • The Reangs of Tripura in Primitive Tribes in Contemporary India Vol-I, Chaudhuri Sarit K.& Chaudhuri Sen Sucheta (ed),Mittal Publication, New Delhi,2005,pp.221-228.
  • Peace Accords in Tripura- Background and Analysis in Peace in India’s North –East, Biswas Prasenjit & C.Joshua Thomas (ed), Regency Publication, New Delhi, 2006, pp.405-424.
  • Genesis of Youth Unrest in Tripura: A Case Study in Youth at the Crossroads: A Study of North East India, Shiela Bora & S.D.Goswami (ed), , Guwahati, 2007, pp.186-200.
  • Elderly People in the Tribal society of Tripura-A Case Study of the Kokborok Speaking People in Ageing in North East India: Tripura Perspective, Chandrika Basu Majumder & Paramita Saha (ed), New Delhi, 2008, pp.39-46.
  • Internal Displacement: A Man-made Tragedy in Blisters On Their Feet: Tales of Internally Displaced Persons in India’s North East, Samir Kumar Das(ed), New Delhi, 2008, pp.267-274.
  • Impact of Trade and Markets on the Borok Society of Tripura in the 19th and 20th Centuries in Society and Economy in North -East India (Vol.3),David R,Syiemlieh & Manorama Sharma(ed), Regency Publications, New Delhi,2008,pp.78-85
  • Refugee Rehabilitation and Land Alienation in Tripura in Land,People and Politics: Contest over Tribal Land in North East India, Walter Fernandes and Sanjoy Barbora (ed),Guwahati,2008,pp.113-127.
  • ‘An Assessment of the Implementation of International Commitments on Traditional Forest- Related Knowledge in India’ Our Knowledge for Our Survival, Vol.II: National Case Studies. The International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests,Chiang Mai,Thailand & Centre for International Forestry Research, Indonesia, 2005, pp.225-245.
Papers published in Journals/Proceedings
  • ‘Transition from Jainok to Modern Education System’ TUI, (a Quarterly Journal On Tribal Life and Culture), Vol. II, 1997, Tribal Research Institute, Government of Tripura, Agartala, pp. 90-94
  • ‘Probation in Marriage Among the Borok’, in the Proceedings of the North East India History Association, XVIII Agartala Session1997, Shillong, 1998, pp.307-309.
  • ‘Shifting Cultivation A Case Study among the Borok People of Tripura’, in the Proceedings of the North East India History Association, XIX Session, Kohima 1998, Shillong, 1999, pp. 199-205.
  • ‘Rosella E.M. Bose and Christian Missions in Tripura’ in the Proceedings of the North East India History Association, XXI Session, Imphal, 2000, pp.207-213.
  • ‘Trade Relations between the Princely state of Tripura and Bengal in the 19th & 20th Century’, in the Proceedings of the North East India History Association, XXII Session Tezpur 2001, Shillong 2002, pp. 288- 292.
  • ‘Improvement of Education in Tribal Areas: Problems and Remedies’, TUI, (a Quarterly Journal on Tribal Life and Culture), Vol. X (4th Issue) 2002, Tribal Research Institute, Government of Tripura, Agartala, pp. 8-13.
  • ‘Water in Tripura Culture and Religious Practices: A Study of the Indigenous People’, in the Proceedings of the Cultural Mapping of Tripura- Role of Forest and Water in Tribal Culture and Vision, Forest Department, Government of Tripura, Agartala, 2002, pp. 20-23.
  • ‘Christianity and Social Change- A Case Study of Kokborok Speaking People’, in the Proceedings of the North East India History Association, XXIII Session Agartala 2002, Shillong 2003, pp. 286- 296.
  • ’Bamboo in the Traditional Indigenous Life and Culture of the Kokborok Speaking Community Tripura’, in the Proceedings of the North East India History Association, XXVI Session Guwahati,2003, Shillong 2004, pp. 253- 258.
Seminar & Conference attended/ Paper Presented/ Lectures/Resource Person
  • Resource Person at the 3 Day Conference on Tripura for Probationary Officers of All India Services and State Cadre Services, State Institute of Public Administration and Rural Development(SIPARD),15 May,1997, Agartala, Tripura, India.
  • Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC)-Aspirations of the Tribals of Tripura in the Seminar on Role of Local Institution in Tribal Areas of North East India organized by National Institute of Rural Development(NIRD),North East Regional Centre, 6-7 January,1998,Guwahati,Assam,India.
  • Independence- Aspirations and Expectations: A Study of the Indigenous Peoples of Tripura in the Seminar on Indian Democracy: Population Participation and Perception with Special Reference to North East India, 27 March,1998,Guwahati,Assam,India.
  • Resource Person in the North East Regional Workshop on “Women & Regional Histories” Organised by all India Coordinating Forum of the Adivasi/Indigenous Peoples & Indian Association of Women’s Studies, Guwahati, Assam,24th- 25th June,1999.
  • Resource Person in the Seminar on “The Education of the Tribals Tripura-Problems & Prospects” Organized on the occasion of the 3rd North East (India) Tribal Youth Festivals 2001, Directorate of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of Tripura,. 17th February 2001, Agartala, Tripura,India.
  • Delivered a lecture on International Humanitarian Law & Its Aspects in the University Grants Commission (UGC) sponsored Workshop on Human Rights Duties Education organized by Department of Political Science, Tripura University, Agartala, Tripura, 17th-21st April 2002.
  • Delivered the key note address in the seminar on “Forest in the Economic & Social Life of North-East Region (India)” held on the occasion of the 4th North –East Tribal Youth Festival-2002, Directorate of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of Tripura, Agartala, Tripura. 29th April, 2002
  • Resource Person, Presented a paper on ‘Human Rights and Indigenous People’ in the “Workshop on Human Rights” Organised by Borok Peoples’s Human Rights Organisation, Tripura, sponsored by National Human rights Commission(NHRC),New Delhi, 24th November 2008,Agartala,Tripura.
  • Resource Person and Presented a paper “History and Cultural Heritage of Tripura” for Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), Government of India, New Delhi, in a Workshop at Agartala, 25th January 2009, SIPARD,Agartala,Tripura.
  • Participated in the Conference and presented paper entitled, ‘Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC)- in the light of the Indigenous Peoples of Tripura’ in the International Conference on Indigenous Peoples Right to Self-Determination and Nation States in Asia, April 18-21 , 1999,Baguio City,Philippines.
  • Invited as an Expert on the “Expert Seminar on Indigenous Peoples and Education”, Organized the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organization (UNESCO) 18 -20 October18-20, 2004. Paris,
  • Resource person in the 3rd Asia Regional Conference on Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity, Co-organized by IKAP & AIPP, 27-30 June 2007. Lijiang,Yunnan,China
  • Resource Person for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Regional Centre, Bangkok, Thailand, training on Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA). 29 September–3 October, 2007, Kathmandu, Nepal,
  • Resource Person for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Regional Centre, Bangkok, Thailand, training on Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA). October 26-30, 2007, Baguio City, Philippines,
  • Participated in the International Conference Indigenous Peoples’ Self- Determination and the Nation State in Asia, April 18-21, 1999, Baguio City, Philippines.
  • Participated in the United Nations Conference on Indigenous Peoples, January 2000.Chiang Mai,Thailand.
  • Participated in the First Session of United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), May 12-24, 2002, New York, USA.
  • Participated in the Fourth International Conference of the International Alliance of Indigenous-Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forests, November 18-22, 2002, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Participated in the Ninth Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), 29 November -12 December 2003, Milan, Italy.
  • Participated in the Fourth Session of United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), May 16-27, 2005, New York, USA.
  • Participated in the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) Partners’ Meeting, October 5-8, 2006, Harnosand, Sweden.
  • Participated in the Sixth International Water Management Institute-Tata Annual Partner’s Meet, March 8-10, 2007
Projects Experiences:
  • Research Investigator for the Project “ Patterns of Drug Addiction in North- Eastern States and Possible Approaches for Demand reduction”, Council For Social Development, New Delhi, India, 1992.
  • Supervisor for Tripura State for the Project “Water and Sanitation Baseline Survey in India”, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, 1996.
  • Coordinator (Tripura State), UNICEF Multi Indicator Survey 19th -30th June 2000.
  • Country Co-Investigator, ‘Cultural and Leadership Predictors of Corporate Social Responsibility Values of Top Management: A GLOBE Study of 15 Countries’, National Science Foundation and the Center for International Business and Education Research at Thunderbird, USA,2003.
  • Principal Investigator, ‘General Election 2009: A Behavioral Study of Political Attitude and Opinion in Tripura’ UGC Major Research Project 2009-2011.
  • Resource Person for Tripura, ‘Study on Functioning Structure of Local Governance in North-Eastern Region with special reference to Autonomous District Councils/ Autonomous Regional Councils’ by North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU,Shillong), 2009.Funded by Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), Government of India.


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