V. B. Singh

Phone Number : 011 - 23942199

Mobile : 43445466644

Location :

CSDS, 29 Rajpur Road,Civil Lines, New Delhi

V.B. Singh is Senior Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. Prof. Singh served as CSDS director from 1997 to 2003. He has been working on Electoral Politics for many decades and his publications include a five volume series on Elections in India giving detailed results, including by-elections from 1952 to 1985 for all the states in the Union of India. From 1987 to 1990 Professor Singh directed a program on Survey research and training, which conducted research methodology courses in the social sciences. The program was jointly run by the CSDSand the Council for Social Development.

Research Interests:

Professor Singh's areas of interest are electoral studies, party systems and ethnic politics.

Selected Publications:

Articles in Professional / Refereed journals

  • Phir Ayegi Trishanku Lok Sabha (in Hindi), Maya, May 15-31, 1999.
  • Mahila Arakshan (in Hindi), Maya, February 15, 1998.
  • Chunao aur Lok Sabha ka Badalta Swarup (in Hindi), Maya, August 31, 1997.
  • Uttar Pradesh Chunav ke Natije: Kuchh Shankayn Bhari Umeeden (in Hindi), Naya Sangharah (1), January-March, 1997.
  • Rajnitik Dalon ke Samajik Adhar (in Hindi), Rashtriya Sahara, October 19, 1996.
  • Grass-roots Political Processes: A Case Study of Atraulia Constituency in U.P., Economic and Political Weekly, 31(2-3), January 13-20, 1996
  • Laloo ke Bahumat ka Rahasaya, Samay Chetna, June 1995.
  • (with Yogendra K. Malik), Bharatiya Janata Party: An Alternative to the Congress, Asian Survey, 32(4), April 1992.
  • (with R. Roy), The Structure of Poverty: The Case of Bihar, Social Change, 14(2), June 1984.
  • (with Bashiruddin Ahmed), Dimensions of Party System Change: The Case of Madhya Pradesh, Economic and Political Weekly, Annual Number, 10(5-7), February 1975. reprinted in D.L. Sheth (ed.), Citizens and Parties (New Delhi: Allied, 1975).
  • Changing Pattern of Inter-Party Competition in Uttar Pradesh: An Analysis of 1974 Elections, Economic and Political Weekly, Special Number, 9(32-34), August 1974.
  • Party Fortune in the Uttar Pradesh Elections: The Case of Azamgarh, Economic and Political Weekly, Annual number, 9(6-8), February 1974.
  • Jan Sangh in Uttar Pradesh: Fluctuating Fortunes and Uncertain Future, Economic and Political Weekly, Annual Number, 6(3-5), January 1971.

Articles in Edited Volumes

  • Political Profile of Delhi and Support Bases of Parties: An Analysis, in Veronique Dupont, Emma Tarlo, Denis Vidal (eds.), Delhi: Urban Space and Human Destinies (Delhi: Manohar, 2000)
  • Harijans and Their influence on the Outcome of 1989 Lok Sabha Elections in Uttar Pradesh, in Subrata K. Mitra and James Chiriyankandath 9eds.), Electoral Politics in India: A Changing Landscape (New Delhi: Segment, 1992)
  • Deprivation and Political Development; A Case Study of Scheduled Caste s Communities in India, in B.K. Nagla (ed.) , Political Sociology in India (Jaipur: Rawat, 1991).
  • Multiplicity of Candidates in Elections: A Case for Upward Revision in Security Deposits, The Indian Journal of Public Administration, 37(3), July-Spetember, 1991.
  • (with Ramashray Roy), The Harijan Elite at Crossroads, Results from a Survey, in Subrata Kumar Mira (ed.), The Politics of Positive Discrimination: A Cross National Perspective (Bombay: Polpular Prakashan, 1990)
  • (with Subrata Mitra), Social Class and Belief System in the Indian Political Elite: An Exploratory Study of the Interactions of Attitudes, Ideology and Party Identification, Indian Journal of Political Science, 40(1), March 1979. Reprinted in Sachchidanand and A.K. Lal (eds.), Elites and Development (New Delhi: Concept, 1980).

Authored Books

  • (with Subrata K. Mitra) Democracy and Social Change in India: A cross-Sectional Analysis of the National Electorate (New Delhi: Sage, 1999).
  • (with M.L. Goel), Social and Political Science Research Methods (Delhi: Ajanta Books International, 1996)
  • (with Yogendra K. Malik), Hindu Nationalists in India: The rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party (Boulder: Westview, 1994 and New Delhi: Sage, 1995)
  • Elections in India: Data Handbook on Lok Sabha Elections, 1986 - 1991 (Volume 2), (New Delhi: Sage, 1994)
  • Political Fragmentation and Electoral Process: 1991 Elections in U.P. (Delhi: Ajanta Books International, 1993)
  • (with R. Roy), Between two worlds: A Study of Harijan Elites (Delhi: Discovery, 1987).
  • (with Shankar Bose), Elections in India; Data Handbook on Vidhan Sabha Elections, 1952-85, Vols. 1-5. New Delhi: Sage, 1987-8.
  • (with Shankar Bose), Elections in India; Data Handbook on Lok Sabha Elections, 1952-85, New Delhi: Sage, 1986, 2nd edn.
  • (with R. Roy and T.M. Vinod Kumar), Problems in Rural Development (Delhi: Discovery, 1985).
  • Profiles of Political Elites in India (Delhi: Ritu, 1983)

Monographs, Reports and Occasional Papers

  • (ed. With Aditya Nigam), State Politics in India: Explorations in Comparative Politics and Social Change (2 Volumes) (New Delhi: Indian Council of Social Science Research, 1997).
  • Shaikshnik Upalabdhi Evam Vyavasayik Gatishilta: Anusuchit aur Gair-Anusuchit Jation ka Tulnatmak Adhyayan (in Hindi) (New Delhi: Indian Council of Social Science Research, 1994).
  • (with R. K. Srivastava), Rootless Parties and Distraught Voters: A Study of Three Parliamentary Constituencies in Uttar Pradesh (New Delhi: Indian Council of Social Science Research, 1990).


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