Summer School: Training Modules

Introduction to SPSS

  • Introduce similar and easily available formats of worksheets like Excel
  • Identifying Variables and Cases in a data file
  • Components of a data file - Data view and Variable view, Output window, save and enter data 


Reading Frequencies

  • Reading a frequency table
  • Generating a frequency table in SPSS
  • Central Tendencies: Mean, Median, Mode
  • Difference between absolute numbers and percentages, cumulative frequency
  • Interpretation and application, uses of a frequency table
  • Types of Variables - Numerical, Ordinal and Categorical


Introduction to Cross Tabulations

  • Relationship between two variables
  • Test of Significance
  • Reading Cross tabulations (2 way) - Row and Column percentages
  • Generating Cross tabulations in SPSS
  • Three way cross-tabs
  • System Missing
  • Recodes
  • Computing



  • Relation between dependent variable and many independent variables
  • Reading regression analysis
  • Generating regression table in SPSS


Research Question

  • Importance of a research question
  • How to build a research question
  • Taking example from participants’ own research question
  • Hypothesis testing?



At the end of the workshop participants make presentations on their research questions and get useful suggestions by the resource persons.


Technical Report

After the completion of the workshop, the participants have to send their technical reports using the techniques taught during the workshop. After sending their technical reports, the participants are entitled to get a “certificate of participation”.

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