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Lokniti-CSDS-CNN-IBN Opinion Poll on Indo-US Nuclear Deal

As the Manmohan Singh government went for a trust vote in the Lok Sabha on 22nd July 2008 after the withdrawal of support by the CPM from the UPA government on the issue of Indo-US nuclear deal, CSDS in partnership CNN-IBN went to the people across urban India to get a sense of where they stand on the issue. The opinion poll was an all-urban survey conducted in 96 locations spread across 12 cities of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. The survey was conducted between 12 and 15 July 2008 using a standard-structured questionnaire which was translated in local languages. A total of 1,520 respondents selected from the latest electoral rolls using random sampling technique were interviewed in these locations.

To reflect an exclusive opinion poll on the mood of the nation, the findings of the survey were discussed by Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN along with Congress MP Sachin Pilot, BJP MP Manvendra Singh, Head-Economic Cell of CPI-M Prasenjit Bose, National Conference President and MP Omar Abdullah, and CSDS Political Analyst Yogendra Yadav on CNN-IBN on 19th July 2008


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